small-Janie“The most successful independent pharmacy owners across the country are those that have reduced or eliminated speculation from their management efforts. They have taken the guess-work out of the day-to-day responsibilities and replaced it with operating budgets and tools that allow for those budgets to be managed to the numbers. Do not speculate. Do not guess. Know where you want to take your pharmacy practice and make it happen.”

– Janie Lee, VP of Operations
Retail Pharmacy Management Services, Inc.



CASH FLOW CONTROL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE designed and implemented by RPMS that provides Clients with an operating budget based on historical data and years of pharmacy management experience. Positions Clients to know far in advance where the practice is headed and what it will take to meet and exceed sales, purchases, payroll and operating expenses thus realizing bottom line goals.


Monthly BUSINESS PERFORMANCE REVIEW delivered by RPMS Account Manager that provides Clients with numerous key performance metrics while also identifying significant variances between budgeted and actual performance of any line items within the operating plan.


The most successful pharmacy owners in the marketplace today are those that know where their business is headed, how they are going to get there and are made aware of any deviations along the way. This empowering “culture of awareness” is more critical today than ever due to tightening of profit margins and increased payroll and operating



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