small-andy“The most successful independent pharmacy operators in today’s marketplace are those that take controllable actions to insure their practice is meeting or exceeding standards of performance in all segments of business. These operators outperform key metrics by implementing management strategies and  measuring their progression. The results are greater than average store profits and more than worth the effort. The numbers speak the truth.”

– Andy Oaks, President
Retail Pharmacy Management Services, Inc.


Prescription sales performance management system ensuring that pricing/billing strategies and management disciplines are in place that maximize profit margins by segment of business.


Monthly PRESCRIPTION ANALYSIS REPORT identifies key metrics that meet or exceed performance standards and benchmarks as well as those that when taking corrective action(s) can be improved upon.


Creating and operating within this “culture of awareness” will provide information allowing for controllable actions to be taken that ultimately lead to improved profitability.



Are you unsure if your prescription sales are meeting and/or exceeding performance benchmarks by segment of business? Could  you be missing opportunities to improve profit margins?
Let RPMS prepare our 90-Day DISPENSED PRESCRIPTION ANALYSIS to measure performance, identify opportunities and validate the need to get us involved.
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